La Meuse au fil des crues

La revue de culture scientifique Athena (SPW-DGO6, Développement technologique) publie un article sur les crues de la Meuse, avec une interview de membres du groupe HECE.

Diana Duma, lauréate du "NortekBV Student Equipment Grant 2014"

Diana Duma, doctorante F.R.S.-FRIA au sein du groupe HECE, est lauréate du "NortekBV Student Equipment Grant 2014", dont elle remporte le 1er prix.

Impact de l'urbanisation en Région wallonne sur le risque d'inondation futur le long de la Meuse: nouvelle publication disponible en Open-Access:

Titre: Contribution of land use changes to future flood damage along the river Meuse in the Walloon region

Auteurs : A. Beckers, B. Dewals, S. Erpicum, S. Dujardin, S. Detrembleur, J. Teller, M. Pirotton, & P. Archambeau


Managing flood risk in Europe is a critical issue because climate change is expected to increase flood hazard in many european countries. Beside climate change, land use evolution is also a key factor influencing future flood risk. The core contribution of this paper is a new methodology to model residential land use evolution. Based on two climate scenarios ("dry" and "wet"), the method is applied to study the evolution of flood damage by 2100 along the river Meuse. Nine urbanization scenarios were developed: three of them assume a "current trend" land use evolution, leading to a significant urban sprawl, while six others assume a dense urban development, characterized by a higher density and a higher diversity of urban functions in the urbanized areas. Using damage curves, the damage estimation was performed by combining inundation maps for the present and future 100 yr flood with present and future land use maps and specific prices. According to the dry scenario, the flood discharge is expected not to increase. In this case, land use changes increase flood damages by 1–40%, to €334–462 million in 2100. In the wet scenario, the relative increase in flood damage is 540–630%, corresponding to total damages of €2.1–2.4 billion. In this extreme scenario, the influence of climate on the overall damage is 3–8 times higher than the effect of land use change. However, for seven municipalities along the river Meuse, these two factors have a comparable influence. Consequently, in the "wet" scenario and at the level of the whole Meuse valley in the Walloon region, careful spatial planning would reduce the increase in flood damage by no more than 11–23%; but, at the level of several municipalities, more sustainable spatial planning would reduce future flood damage to a much greater degree.


Towards improved transnational hydrological modelling of the Meuse basin

Symposium on hydrological modelling of the Meuse basin

Almost 40 scientist and practitioners brought together, very interesting presentations, many good ideas and promising initiatives... That was the outcome of the very successful first "mini symposium on hydrological modelling of the Meuse basin".

Recently published: Parapet wall effect on piano key weir efficiency

Parapet wall effect on piano key weir efficiency

by Machiels, O., Erpicum, S., Archambeau, P., Dewals, B., Pirotton, M.

in Journal of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering
Volume 139, Issue 6, 2013, Pages 506-511

BEST Summer school on hydropower and pumped-storage

The research group HECE organizes an international summer school of the « Board of European Students of Technology » (BEST) from 28 August to 6 September 2013. The main topic of the course will be dams, hydropower and pumped-storage plants:

International symposium on the hydrological modelling of the Meuse basin

It is our pleasure to invite you to a mini-symposium on the hydrological modelling of the Meuse basin on 13 September 2013 in Liège (Belgium).

See the attached flyer for more details.

The organizing committee

Recently published: Coupling between flow and sediment deposition in rectangular shallow reservoirs

Coupling between flow and sediment deposition in rectangular shallow reservoirs

by Camnasio E., Erpicum S., Orsi E., Pirotton M., Schleiss A.

in Journal of Hydraulic Research (in press)


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Final conference of the AMICE project

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