Les inondations urbaines sous la loupe !

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The research group HECE is an associated partner in the DEUFI project recently approved by the leading French research agency ANR. Gathering partners from the academic, governmental, and private sector, DEUFI aims at mitigating the impacts of urban flooding, through an improved understanding the flow dynamics between streets and building structures in urban environments.

The innovative nature of the project lies in the coverage of social impact assessment as well as the multiple scales at stake in urban flooding. Whereas most previous research focused on the district scale or urban block scale, DEUFI will deepen the analysis to the level of individual facades and openings (windows, doors, gates ...), which play a critical role in terms of impact and damage.

The research group HECE will contribute to the project through the on-going experimental research initiative Liege Urban Flood Facility (LUF2). The unique combination of field data, laboratory experiments and hyper-resolution computational modelling deployed by this international consortium will bring the science of urban flood risk modelling an important step forward.