Who we are ?

The research group HECE is part of the ArGEnCo Department (Architecture, Geology, Environment and Constructions) of the University of Liege.

It conducts research in the following fields:

  • hydrology, hydraulic engineering, hydropower
  • fluivial hydrodynamics, sediment transport, river restoration
  • hydrodynamics of pressurized flow, urban hydraulics, complex and equipped networks
  • multiphase flow: sediment laden flow, aerated flow, pollutant transport
  • analysis of environmental risks, climate change, floods and droughts
  • hydrodynamics of lakes and reservoirs, sedimentation, sustainable management of large dams

Its mains activities can be divided as :

  • teaching to students in Civil Engineering, Geology, Physics, Geomatics, Oceanography and Environment, ...
  • fundamental and applied research in:
    • physical modeling in the Engineering Hydraulics Laboratory
    • numerical modeling with the whole of software developments, from mathematical models and numerical schemes to data processing and results visualization, resulting ine the WOLF package, but also practical applications to real problems for/with varied partners.

The close interaction between numerical and physical modeling leads to the complementary 

  • continuous development of numerical models from experimental observations in order to further improve their representativity,
  • continuous optimization of physical models from numerical results enabling costs savings and gains in reliability.

Specialized in the field of environment, and more particularly water related issues, the HECE is logically involved within a broader perspective, such as the foundation and promotion of the Aquapôle (centre of excellence in the field of water).