Towards improved transnational hydrological modelling of the Meuse basin

Symposium on hydrological modelling of the Meuse basin

Almost 40 scientist and practitioners brought together, very interesting presentations, many good ideas and promising initiatives... That was the outcome of the very successful first "mini symposium on hydrological modelling of the Meuse basin".

Hosted in the Aquapôle of the University of Liège and organized by Deltares and the research group HECE from the University of Liège, this was the first time when hydrologists from the riparian countries Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, France and the Netherlands came together to share ideas and discussed future challenges.

Ten presentations covered hydrological modelling approaches, performance and consistency indicators, challenges from climate change and environmental constraints, as well as forecasting and modelling of extreme high and low flow events. Participants emphasized their desire to share measurement data and to develop common standards for hydrological modelling.

In the closure session the general consensus was that open research questions and future challenges should be approached in a more international way of collaboration. As a first step a work group on common benchmarks for hydrological modelling shall be established as a follow-up of this symposium. Great enthusiasm was expressed by the audience for a second symposium in Liège next year.